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Family Offices offer far more services than simply Investment Management.  A long-term, prudent investment process, however, is often central to a Family's ambitions and, to that point we submit the following.   We believe that the best way that we can serve you is by combining:

1. Asset Allocation:  disciplined Asset Allocation Plans are the key to prudent portfolios.

2. Behavioral Finance: market sentiment, and investor psychology, are central to long-term portfolio construction and monitoring. 

3. Trend Following:   a disciplined approach to finding, and following, long-term trends is essential to favorable outcomes in investing.

4. Volatility Anomolies:  generally reducing exposure to highly volatile assets, and vice versa, helps create better risk/reward statistics over time.

5. Long Term Planning:   Portfolio Construction to benefit from each of:  inflation, deflation, falling growth and rising growth

6. Add Value by continously endeavoring to attain perfection in the calling to which we are engaged:  excellent and actionable advice.

"Make no investments without a full acquaintance with their nature and condition; and select such investments as have intrinsic value. " - Ben Franklin 




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